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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Famous Daves (Seattle)

Hey guys!

Since it's almost dinner I can't help but think about food so I decided why not talk about food :)

                  CHOW FINDS ! CHOW TIMES !

Famous Daves All American BBQ Feast

I think its soo creative that they serve it on a garbage lid !!! (Ps. It's clean or maybe to me it just looks like a garbage lid)  
You guys if you haven't been there and you're planning to do food trips any time soon I highly recommend this place! They do really good ribs, beans, Corn Breads and I enjoyed the mac and cheese! (Bonus: they do give good amount of servings on everything) It's definitely a must go!!! Sure you will gain a few pounds but it's worth it, just do a few jumping jacks after LOL. They have other locations world wide so you should give this place a visit.

A full slab of Spareribs, a whole Country-Roasted Chicken,either Texas Beef Brisket or Chopped Pork, Creamy Coleslaw, Famous Fries, Wilbur Beans, Sweet Corn and four Corn Bread Muffins
 For 4-6 people. ( actually craving for this right now) 

CHOW for now!


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