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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Infiniti by Conair YouCurl Conical Curling Wand Review

Hi guys!

Few months ago I decided to purchase a curling wand, most days I use a flat iron in curling my hair, but because I wanted to try out a new hairstyle, like a super curly hair look I opted to try a curling wand. I went to my local drug store and got me a wand. Every time I have a new tool I always try it right away because I get all excited! So today I decided to give my tool a review:)

Infiniti by Conair YouCurl Conical Curling Wand

Price: $39.99

- Heats up in less than a minute
- LED temperature settings
- Bottom cord that swivels ( so we tangle the cords)
- No clips ( Helps us create curls without kinks)

I also like how it creates soft curls that last for a long time, by that I mean for the whole day. I don't even use hairspray or other finishing stuff, and it stays the same all day.  To be able to curl the ends of the hair properly it also came with a heat protectant glove. The only downside I see is it takes a while to get use to using a wand but once you get use to it, it will be easy to use and you'll  be pleased with the results.  Also in my opinion, I think the price isn't bad. I definitely recommend this tool if you're into curls.

End result ( sisters' hair)

I gave her tight curls, if you want to loosen up your curls a bit just run through your hair with your fingers or brush it slightly. You can also loosely wrap your hair on the wand for a looser, softer curls. 

That's about it for my curling wand! 

- Melissa

Friday, 10 January 2014

Thousand Calorie Breakfast

Hi guys,

Just before the holiday seasons, I had a short trip in Seattle, I decided to try out this food place called Shari's located at Lynwood. It is a family oriented looking diner. While looking at the menu to me everything is so tempting!! All of there breakfast menus are below $15 if I remembered it correctly. If ever you're  around Seattle, this place is a must try! There menus are affordable and the have pretty big servings. I should come back and try there  lunch or dinner menu :) 

Eggs Benie with Hashbrown

My two thousand Calorie Breakfast  (seasonal menu)
( Cinnamon with pecan roll, eggs, hashnrowns, bacons,eggs and sausages)

They serve Pie Shakes as well, I didn't get a chance to try it because I was too full, I might explode if I still did LOL.

That's one of Chow finds just before the year ends :)


Maybelline Lipstick in Plum Perfect Review

Hey guys !

Today, I am going to do a little review on one of my favourite fall lipsticks. I like wearing lipsticks because I feel like it gives life to my face, it brightens up my face,or should I say it doesn't make me look lifeless, I am not pale though... but you know what I mean hopefully! To me lipsticks are accessories, they make me feel pretty and dolled up, as if I am all set and good to go even if I am just wearing sweats when I go for a grocery run or something.

Maybelline Lipstick Plum Perfect


I actually like this lipstick because of the colour, its burgundy, reddish tone makes it perfect for fall/winter. The colour is perfect for my asian skin tone, it gives me that warm, glowy look for the winter. It is also creamy, rich and pigmented, I like the fact that it's smooth on application , the downside to it though is it doesn't last very long, for me I find it only lasts for an hour and it fades, after I drink or eat I have to do another application. To be honest that's fine to me, its not like I need a long lasting 24 hour lippie LOL. And I am not out all day, so I shall say this kind of lipstick works well for me, also I got it for $6 I think, you can't go wrong with that. That's why I am not complaining or anything aha :) One thing I noticed is it dries up my lip but I just put a bit of gloss or lip balm and then it's good. 

Over all I would rate it 7.5 and yes I'll buy it again! After all it's one of my current faves

Hope my review helps a bit!
- Melissa

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Current Favorites

Hi guys,

I decided to make a post on my current favorites,  I also did a little review on every item and these are the things I use pretty much everyday

Viva La Juicy Perfume,  Calvin Klein Perfume, Lancome La Base Pro, Lancome Teint VISSIONNAIRE, Lancome Compact Powder, Ardell Lashes, Maybeline Lipstick

- Viva La Juicy Perfume ( I just love the sweet and gentle smell of this perfume, its so feminine and it came in such cute packaging starting from its box to the bottle. I think it's around $70)

- Calvin Klein perfume ( I love the mild scent of this perfume, I think I got it for $80 and I've been using it for a long time i think it's worth it, but the scent doesn't stay very long though in my opinion. )

- Ardell Demi Lashes ( I wear lashes almost every day and this lashes are my favorite specially for everyday wear, they look natural and the best thing is they're less than $6 and I reuse mine for more than 10 times. I won't buy a way more expensive lashes, I just don't see the point, once I tried the Mac ones, they cost almost $20 but they work just like Ardell lashes! I definitely recommend this lashes specially if you're new to the lash world they will make your eyes pop real good without looking like a clown)

- Lancome La Base Pro ( My skin feels so smooth after putting this base, its pricey for a small bottle ($46) but I love what it does on my skin the only thing though is my skin still gets oily after few hours, the mattifying property of La Base didn't give any justice for me)

- Lancome Teint Vissionnaire (I will stick to this even though it's pricey.  What I love about this is it gives me a good coverage even if I only use small amount in my face, and I love the idea that its a foundation with healing powers and it last for hours and hours, no need to retouch)

- Lancome Powder ( It keeps me non greasy all day, a compact powder that will last for a long time)

- Maybeline Lipstick in Plum Perfect ( my favorite fall lipstick, I just love the color its so fallish. In my opinion whenever I wear it, it brightens up my face, I don’t look like I just got out of my bed, the only thing though is it doesn't stay on very long, I do retouches after I eat or drink or basically just after a few hours, to me that's fine its not like I need a 20 hour lipstick, I don't stay out that long anyways LOL. And for its price ($6) you can never go wrong with that hehe)

That pretty much sums up my current faves ♡♡♡
Hope I didn't bore you guys too much with my essay look a like blog :)

- Melissa

Famous Daves (Seattle)

Hey guys!

Since it's almost dinner I can't help but think about food so I decided why not talk about food :)

                  CHOW FINDS ! CHOW TIMES !

Famous Daves All American BBQ Feast

I think its soo creative that they serve it on a garbage lid !!! (Ps. It's clean or maybe to me it just looks like a garbage lid)  
You guys if you haven't been there and you're planning to do food trips any time soon I highly recommend this place! They do really good ribs, beans, Corn Breads and I enjoyed the mac and cheese! (Bonus: they do give good amount of servings on everything) It's definitely a must go!!! Sure you will gain a few pounds but it's worth it, just do a few jumping jacks after LOL. They have other locations world wide so you should give this place a visit.

A full slab of Spareribs, a whole Country-Roasted Chicken,either Texas Beef Brisket or Chopped Pork, Creamy Coleslaw, Famous Fries, Wilbur Beans, Sweet Corn and four Corn Bread Muffins
 For 4-6 people. ( actually craving for this right now) 

CHOW for now!

LANCÔME Teint Visionnaire and LANCÔME La Base Pro Review

Hey guys,

So for my first post I decided to do a review on Lancome's Teint Vissionnaire and Lancome La Base Pro. It's my first time using both these products.

Lancome Teint Vissionnaire


I decided to give this a try because I really liked the idea that it's a skin correcting make up. First of all I would say it's pretty pricey (I got it for $60 at my local drug store) but it's worth the money. It provides an amazing coverage and I only used tiny bit of amount ( 1 pump) I didn't even use a concealer at all and normally with my old foundation I'd still use one because of my acne scars, and dark circles. It's medium to full coverage but it feels light on. I used my fingers to apply it and it does give a dewy look. But the number one thing I loved about this product is that the foundation didn't oxidized what I mean by that is normally with my other foundations after a long day my face darkens, with Lancome Teint Vissionaire my face color stayed the same through out the day ( YAAY ME )

Over all I would recommend this foundation, I am happy with it but keep in mind we all have different skin types,( I have very oily face)  it worked for me but I don't know about you LOL, they're just my opinions and I am glad I gave it a shot. 

Lancome La Base Pro


Another product that I decided to try is Lancome La Base Pro, I decided to try it because my mom recommended it. She said it's pretty good qualty, nice, blah blah... anyway the first thing I should say is oh man Lancome products are small but the prices aren't small hihihi. La base is about $46 I think, it supposed to give me a smooth, radiant canvas for a flawless make up. Well in my opinion, I really LOVED the fact that after applying the La base in my face and while putting on my foundation my skin feels smooth and silky, my make up glides smoothly (not even kidding!)  I also liked how it visibly reduces my imperfections instantly after applying the base ( yes I saw the difference right away hooray for that LOL) 
On the box it says it controls shine, leaves the skin matte and soft you know something like that but I think La Base wasn't able to control the shine and oiliness of my face, I can't blame them though I have really oily skin (you can even fry a chicken with my face!) My face was matte and shine free for a few hours and then I am greasy again but oh well that's why I gotta get some blotters. 

Over all I would say I'd buy it again, and that means I gotta make some more bank haha! 

There you have it folks, my first review on something!!
What do you think girls, thumbs up for Lancome?

- Melissa


Heyy guys!

Finally, I decided to do a blog and I am calling it UnderConstruction. I named it UnderConstruction because my life is still under process LOL. Just to give you a heads up, this blog will be mainly about the things that interest me: FOOD, FASHION, and BEAUTY. I am not an expert or anything so whatever I'll be saying, they are just my personal thoughts and opinions. You may love it or hate it but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do!

- Melissa